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The Truth About (Psycho)Therapy

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Welcome to my first ever blog and thank you for taking the time and having the courage to explore ways in which to improve your own mental wellness! My name is Emily Fitzpatrick and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with a life calling to help others discover the goodness and strength that already exists within them. Yes, you heard me correctly! Everything you need is already inside of you, we just need figure out where it's hiding or how to turn the mute button off :). I whole-heartedly believe that we can all benefit from psychotherapeutic work, either individually, with our significant others, our family systems, and/or with groups of other people who may be facing or have faced a challenge similar to ours.

This is the first time I have blogged, EVER! I hope to use this space to share with you all specific insights, knowledge, and experience I have because of the chair that I sit in and the perspective that comes with working closely with so many beautifully diverse human beings with deeply textured and rich lives (and guess what? We all have textured and rich lives no matter who we are or what circumstances we were born into... more on that later). Although (spoiler alert), what I have found is how much we all seem to share in common with one another.

In this space I hope to cover topics that are relevant, add value to your life, and begin to demystify the therapeutic experience. We will cover topics that help explain some basic neurobiological processes (brain activity) that are at play when we are responding (in a lot of cases reacting) to threatening triggers and when we engage in unwanted coping strategies or destructive behaviors, and to offer helpful and practical tools for you so that you can begin to regard yourself as you would a dear friend (ever thought about the difference between the way you talk to yourself and a friend? How do you think that would go if you talked to a friend that way?!). Because when we are taking care of ourselves, our capacity to care for others and our community is boundless. I will frequently use terms in these posts like community, ecosystem, family, and support network- please think about what this means to you personally, as we all define these words for ourselves differently. Our "family" may not be our family of origin, it may be the family that we have created for ourselves to feel safe, supported, and loved.

Lastly I'll say, this blog has been born out of a sense of moral and social responsibility. The inimitable Esther Perel shares that mental health clinicians and experts in any industry have a duty and obligation to share their voice and perspective with the global community in the mission to advocate for our clients and, more generally, for people in our society who are discounted or disenfranchised for various reasons including, but not limited to, their race, ethnicity, gender (identity), sexual affectation, religious or nonreligious affiliation, education level, socioeconomic status, and host of other factors. In addition to being listeners, validators, and encouragers, it is incumbent upon us to stand up and advocate for our fellow community members. I hope that this blog can serve as a channel for social justice advocacy and safe space for anyone who has ever felt marginalized, forgotten, or overlooked. This space is for creating closeness and connection, normalizing what may sometimes feel like a privately held experience (truth bomb: it's rare that what you have done or thought is uniquely held), and reminding us that our worth comes simply from being human. This space is dedicated to you.

Please feel free to engage in the comments section if you are particularly moved by any of these posts. I hope to feature guest experts who may share specific wisdom and experience in their specialty area. I welcome your ideas, suggestions, and questions. Let's all learn together and create a community of curiosity and openness.

As always, be well.


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